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Survivors & Anxious Stress

At Sojourn Well, we believe:

  You are not at fault

You are not alone

Your journey gets better

You might be wondering...

What types of trauma do you treat?

We help people who have survived any form of trauma, whether a one-time event, different multiple events, or ongoing experiences.  

Yeah, but will you be able to help me?

Many people fear their situation is the worse their therapist has ever heard or seen.  This fear itself is a trauma response with which we can help you.  For those who have participated in therapy in the past, the mental health field is ever-evolving.  We are currently experiencing a research and treatment-development boom in our understanding of neuro-biological survival responses and how the brain-body connection promotes trauma recovery.

How much do you need to know about what I've been through?

We won't ask you for the details or the story.  What is troubling you now is a result of how your brain and body have adapted around your experiences so that you can go on with normal life.  We can help with that without details.  That said, in time, many people feel more comfortable sharing their story and report added relief.  We know that may sound far-fetched right now. You can share as much or as little as you like.

What if nothing that awful ever happened to me?

People can be troubled by the same feelings and symptoms as those with PTSD without an event to pinpoint what went wrong.  There are all sorts of theories about why this occurs.  We can use the same methods we use with PTSD to help you.  This is the case if you:

  • Habitually behave in destructive ways despite best effort to change

  • Yearn for connection yet fear being hurt

  • Wish you could treat your significant other better than you saw growing up

  • Wish you could parent differently than you were parented

  • Often feel like you are at tug-of-war within yourself

  • Struggle to maintain relationships

  • Experience extreme anger or rage

  • Take care of everyone else but feel alone in your own struggles

If you feel like the weight of your past prevents you from a fulfilling present, we want you to know   your journey gets better.

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