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Sojourn  /ˈsōjərn/  soh-jurn              noun     A temporary stay           verb    to stay for a time in a place; live temporarily

Where do you see yourself in this image?  Are you at the base camp of an insurmountable mountain?  Are you somewhere along its ridge or frozen at a tipping point?  Perhaps you're treading water amidst stormy waves, praying for a chance to feel the warmth of the sun once more.

As we journey through life, we experience constant change.  The landscape around us changes the landscape within us. We choose some paths and some are chosen for us. 

Image by Mike Enerio
Image by Patrick Hendry

Sojourn Well clients seek therapy because they want to change the effects their journey has had on them.  They have stayed longer in one place than they planned or desired to stay.  They'd like to learn how to move on, choosing their next path, and welcoming what lies ahead. 

Our therapists help them ride their waves, find solid ground, cross, climb or tunnel through the mountain, and create a map to follow when they ultimately leave therapy and continue their journey with their family and friends' support.    

Image by Julia Caesar
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