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Personal & Professional Development

Clinical Supervision & Consultation

Maryland LMSWs Gain invaluable insight from BSWE-approved supervisor with expertise in clinical mental health treatment with children, adolescents, adults, families, and groups.  In addition to clinical decision-making, supervision sessions will focus on attaining work-life balance, professional boundaries, maximizing clinical time, connecting with clients, and working in office, home, school, and online settings.  Call, email, or skip to form for more information.

Brainspotting Consultation: Individual and Group

So you completed Phase 1 and you're wondering how to apply Brainspotting in your current practice. In group case consultation, you will grow through the collective experience, share your findings, and learn from peers with a certified brainspotter and approved consultant at the helm.  In individual consultation you develop your brainspotting knowledge and accrue hours toward certification  Check the Brainspotting International website for certification criteria and use this form to enroll in group and/or individual consultation. 

Group consultation meets 1x/month. _$50__ per session. 

Individual consultation meets monthly or as needed $140/hr.  Consultees may attend group consultation for _$40__ per session.

About your consultant:

Caroline Artley was a Brainspotting skeptic at first.  After completing Phase 1, she followed the advice of trainers and experienced brainspotting clinicians who encouraged her to trust the inherent wisdom of her clients' brains and stay in the tail of the comet.  What resulted was a conversion of sorts into becoming a Brainspotting Believer, snowballing into a desire to jump into any brainspotting webinar and training she could and to share brainspotting with just about everyone she encountered.  As an approved consultant, she is excited to journey with you into curiosity and uncertainty as you discover the breadth of healing that dual attunement, eye position, and focused mindfulness can bring to your clients and yourself.  Whether you are starting out feeling unsure of what you're learning or experiencing in training, or you are already hungry for more and eager to use Brainspotting whenever possible (like she is!), Caroline will be honored to be part of your growth.

Caroline Artley studied Phase 1 with Sue Pinco, Phase 2 with Cynthia Schwartzburg, Phase 3 with David Grand, mini-Master Class with David Grand and received certification consultation and CIT training with Deb Antinori.  Once the pandemic brought trainings online, she was honored to assist with several phase 1 and 2 virtual trainings.  This provided the opportunity to re-learn the material from various trainers, observing their technique and brainspotting style, and adopting various concepts and practices from each.  Caroline attends as many specialty trainings and brown bag webinars in brainspotting as she possibly can.   She believes in the collective power of learning in community which is why she hosts group case consultation and allows a discount to the group for individual certification consultees. 

Professional Development

Clinical Indication for Collaborative Note-Writing (2 hours)

Your First 4 Sessions (for professionals, four 90 min virtual meetings)

Understanding Misophonia for Mental Health Providers  (90 min)

Personal Development

How to Survive Your Child's Tantrums: An intrinsic look at what goes on beneath the parenting surface. 

Social Skills Training With An Only Child:  Explores the challenges of teaching social lessons without the benefit of other siblings. Offers opportunities for integrating social skill lessons into a day in the life of an only child (best for parents of younger children). 

When Kids Unpack Your Baggage:  Ever notice how kids seem to find just the right (WRONG!) buttons to push?  This topic discusses how to handle your own emotional load from childhood and past relationships when your child finds and unpacks your secret baggage. 

Supervision & Consultation Service
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