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At Sojourn Well, we give you more than just professional advice.
We teach you how to become your own inner therapist.

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Who We Serve

We use neuroscience-informed approaches to serving the following populations:

Online Counseling

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When people experience significant distressing events, our bodies go into "survival mode". It can be hard to carry on a daily life from survival mode. You'll be in the driver's seat as we help you go from surviving to thriving.  

Online Counseling

Adding a child to your family is an exciting time, but it can also lead to emotional upheaval.  Whether you're experiencing birth trauma, loss, or perinatal anxiety, we help moms and moms-to-be learn to quiet the negative thoughts, elevate their mood, and find peace in their new role. Click here to learn more about our Maternal Mental Health focus.

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Online Counseling

As therapists, we take care of ourselves so we can show up for others.  You may wonder why the strategies you teach others don't seem to work for you.  Sure you're a mental health provider, but you are also a person.  You have a brain, a body, a heart, and a soul.  You can ache, you can experience joy, and you deserve to have someone to walk with you the way you walk with others.    

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From a neuroscience- and trauma-informed perspective, most people who experience years of anxiety, stress, anger, or depression are exhibiting some degree of brain dysregulation.  When trauma-therapy techniques are applied, people often feel better.  Read about our approach to therapy, or ask us if this approach might be right for you.

Online Counseling

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Everyone Else

How We Help

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Robust Psychotherapy



Christian Counseling

Professional Development


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