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Adoptive & Foster Parents

Do you foster children with tough backgrounds?

Are you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by your adopted or foster child’s behavior?


The classes didn’t fully prepare you for how hard it would be to nurture a child from a tough background.  You learned about attachment challenges and the effects of trauma on the developing child, but that information only confirmed for you that you wanted to help this child.  It didn’t tell you what it would be like when the child arrives, let alone how to cope when your family hurts in the years after adoption and the system resources have vanished.  Maybe you’ve made fellow foster/adoption friends along the way but you find yourself wondering why they don’t seem to struggle the way your family is struggling


And then there's you. To say you’re stressed-out would be an understatement.  You haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in years. Your body bears the bruises and marks of your child’s aggressive response to confusion, fear, anger, and sensory-overload. You’ve developed a startle-response to your phone’s ringtone because you’re afraid it’s the school asking you to pick him/her up, yet again.  You experience anxiety attacks, mood swings, and a nagging inner critic who questions your competence as a parent.  After all you’ve poured into your child, you’re starting to lose a grip on yourself


You know the reasons why your child can throw down a serious tantrum in absolutely any location. You wouldn’t trade him/her for the world, yet you still feel guilty for craving a sense of a “normal life.” Maybe your child sees a therapist but you’re left wondering “what happened to me along the way? When am I going to feel whole again?


Parenting kids from tough places is HARD!  Your child’s therapy remains vital for his/her adjustment and healing, but family sessions are aimed at transferring coping skills and developing behavior management strategies. 


We’re here for your emotional health. 

By highlighting what you're already doing well, teaching you how to manage the expectations of those around you, and strategizing self-care, we'll help you manage your own fears and anxieties about your child's future.  


When we set out for parenthood, we often have a mental image of what raising a family will look like.  Our plans for family are shaped by our first family which in many cases is a world of a difference from the home life you experience now.  We'll delve into your upbringing, identify personal barriers to harmony, and help you grieve the ideals that did not come to fruition.

You are taking such great care of your child already, let us help you take care of yourself. 

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