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Birth Trauma

A traumatic stress reaction can occur when pre-conception, pregnancy, or birth doesn't go as planned.

We've created lists detailing risk factors and symptoms of traumatic stress during labor and delivery.  Similar risk factors and concerns may arise from  traumatic stress during pregnancy, conception, or pre-conception.  

No matter where you were on your reproductive journey, therapy can help you feel like yourself again.

Scroll Down to find the list of risk factors and signs/signals of Postpartum PTSD
This list includes words that may invoke graphic imagery and/or flashback.

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Medical risk-factors for birth trauma:
      Hemorrhage or excessive blood loss
      Unplanned medical interventions 
      Emergency medical event of baby
      Emergency medical event of mother
      3rd or 4th degree perineal tear
      Unplanned or emergency Caesarian 
      Prolonged hospitalization of mother
      NICU stay
      Prolonged hospitalization of baby

Symptoms of birth trauma:
   During birth-
      -Feeling unheard, misunderstood, unsupported by support person(s), staff, nurse(s), or

      -Feeling detached from body
      -Watching yourself experience birth from outside of your body. 

  After birth-
      -Seeing images from the birth experience after it occurred. 
      -Hearing sounds related to the birth experience after it occurred. 
      -Feeling body sensations just like they occurred during labor or birth. 
      -Experiencing a sense that the birth experience is not over, an intense fear perhaps of
       life, safety, powerlessness, or hopelessness. 

     -Difficulty sleeping (not due to baby needs), dreams or nightmares, even if you do not
      know the content. 

Message from the Founder

I started Sojourn Well with expectant and postpartum families in mind.  It's hard to find specialized therapy from well-trained clinicians within a clean-diaper driving distance. That is why Sojourn Well brings the clinician to you in the form of a video chat therapy session.  Our goal  is  to support you through  the emotional challenges of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.   Whether you have a pre-existing mental health condition, a new condition as a result of pregnancy or birth, or are struggling with the demands of parenthood, Sojourn Well  would be honored to be a part of your family's journey.
longdesc=counselor specialist
longdesc=postpartum support international
Our services are reimbursable through most out-of-network plans.
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